The Republic Order

Then and Now


The Republic Order has not always existed; in fact it was established four years before the Treaty of Coruscant as an Outpost aimed to serve the Republic as an advanced warning system against the Sith. Unfortunately while the Garrison was being established, on the Jungle Moon of Yavin-4, the Sith would pushed forward toward their ultimate goal, Coruscant.

Many components within this Garrison had been established before the compound was even thought of, such as the 101st Saber Regiment, Smuggler Ex-Officio Organization, and Jedi Enclave.

The Republic, feeling that many of their efforts had been micro-managed, believed that there was a need for change. With the cooperation of the High Council, Jedi Master Spenta Myrunji had been hand selected to lead this regiment due to the experience he had gained during The Great War and the fact he was not your typical Jedi Consular.

This Compound was and is a joint operation between the Republic and the Jedi Order. With this said the Garrison was also a home to a Jedi Enclave. With the creation of the Enclave on Yavin-4 they brought in Jedi Master Rah’ayy Myrunji (Wife to Spenta) as the assigned Jedi General of the location to assist Spenta Myrunji and directly oversee the operations of the Enclave.

The Ex Officio, a smuggler organization that has been created, not long after the Treaty of Coruscant, got together and decided they needed to secure their profits. With constant need for supplies, information, pilots and more, the Republic Order had become more profitable and stable to contract to.

The 101st Saber Regiment, The Unsung Heroes.

Mirroring the Havok Squad, the 101st Saber Regiment is comprised of Companies, Squads and unique abilities, they go one step further and operate as a covert unit.

The 101st Saber Regiment had been formed during the Battle of Agamar 16 years prior to the Treaty of Coruscant. During The Great War, it had been developed to operate very similar to other regiments, with one exception; they had been specially selected to start grooming to work outside the restrictions of the Republic.

With a Jedi leading the 101st it operated very much like other regiments with the exception that the Republic and the Jedi High Council decided to allow Spenta and the 101st’s First Colonel, Colonel Jack Devero to orchestrate their own coordinated efforts with other regiments and operate on a solo level allowing them to perform “Flash Hits” on key installations.

The 101st lost many battles early on, especially during the development phases. Though victory was not obtained early on, they learned to hone their skills as a unit by utilizing the same standards as the Havok Squad. Toward the end of the war, the 101st Saber Regiment claimed victory by holding the Sith back on a few key worlds for an extended amount of time. Counted among these victories are: The Defense of Ord Cantrell, Defense of Kashyyyk, and the Defense of Outpost 9.

The regiment’s last battle before the end of the war, Defense of Outpost 9, would be the key reason the 101st was assigned a vital operation on the Jungle Moon of Yavin-4. Here they would continue to work with the now Senior Jedi General, Spenta Myrunji and aid the Republic as “Unwritten” soldiers in the war efforts. Their primary directives would be to keep an eye on Sith movements, establishing connections with Outer Rim worlds, and ultimately establishing their own unique training regiment which would later on be developed into training logs that another would take credit for.

The 101st during The Great War and now during the Cold war would continue to perform great deeds for the Republic, knowing that there would be no parades made or statues erected in their honor. They are truly the unsung hero’s of the Republic and this is a Path they’ve chosen; to operate as a hidden covert division.

The Yavin-4 Enclave, Training under the Cloud of Darkness.

Many Padawan during The Great War had fallen to the dark side and had succumbed to its methods of persuasion. Fearing that this trend could only get worse, the Jedi High Council saw an opportunity to utilize a new training process. Knowing the enriched past and the dark aura that surrounds the moon of Yavin-4, they felt introducing the dark side to select Padawans early on in their training would help fortify their defenses against it. Having to choose appropriate Jedi Knights and Master’s to perform these training operations; they knew the Padawans who would be transferred to this enclave would be in good hands. It was a calculated risk the Order was taking, and one that had only half the support of the High Council.

In conjunction with the decision to create this enclave, the High Council would sanction the formation of a Jedi Council that would report monthly the progress of padawans, general operations of the garrison and enclave, as well as any other pertinent information, directly to the High Council itself.

The Enclave would serve as a base of operations for many Sentinels to perform their tasks within the outer rim with ease. Consular’s would be able to use it as a place to gather knowledge and insight on the outer rims creating the garrison’s own archives. And Guardians could use Yavin-4’s unique landscape to their advantage while they honed their skills and prepared for a war they felt would soon erupt again. The Enclave of the Republic Order was definitely unique as it was and still may be the first and only Enclave working under such circumstances.


Smuggler Ex Officio, The Muster of Ships.

The Republic Order did not just Operate with Troopers, and Jedi. Since their numbers had not been vast, they found it necessary to sign on various entrepreneurs. These people are men and women who take their career choice seriously and as long as the Republic continues to pay well they will remain loyal. The Smugglers of the Ex Officio.

Many smugglers who had worked for the Sith found the Sith had been cheap when using their services, so many of these “Shady” individuals decided it was time for them to fight for a cause that would benefit them.

Though naturally independent and still banking in the credits from the Republic, those who aligned themselves with the Ex-Officio, organized into a group of individuals who operate under contracts issued by the Republic. The Ex-Officio would work exclusively for The Republic Order. Why? The credits were good, adventure was guaranteed, and most of the ladies were unclaimed.


When the Republic had been attacked by the Sith and the Treaty of Coruscant signed, the Garrison of the Republic Order had been cut off. Many of the Outer Rim worlds had been given back to the Sith, even the Planet of Yavin-4. The reason the Outpost could still remain in hiding was the fact there had not been any primary Hyper-space lanes close enough to the world to warrant the eye of the Sith and their Massive Empire. Knowing this the Republic Order Operates very independently at this time keeping an eye on the Sith, Making trade partners of their own and using Equipment and Ships that are slowly falling apart. The Republic Order, Stands alone in this time of darkness and does so to protect the Republic in the future.