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Month 4: The Creation of the Yavin-4 Garrison Dubbed; The Republic Order

Month Not Available: The Sacking of Coruscant / The Treaty of Coruscant

The Creation of the Following Jedi Clans
Dewback Clan
Kybuck Clan
Runyip Clan
Akk Clan

Chapter I: The First Conflict

The Creation of the Following Jedi Clan
Bha'lir Clan

Chapter II:  Spread of Darkness

Chapter II: The Second Year
Chapter II: The Finale
Chapter III: Desert Sands

The Disbanding of the Jedi Clans, Singular Padawans given their own Masters.

Public Forum:
The Battle of Ando Prime

Chapter IV: Times of Darkness
Celebration: Our First Life Day

Chapter V: The Attack on Yavin-4
Chapter VI: Saving the Dead

Chapter VII: Risking It All
Chapter VIII: The Long Road
X-Fire Event: Adegan Crisis

X-Fire Event: Dark Clouds

Chapter IX: Manaan Menace

 Chapter X: Complications


The Republic Order, at the dawn of its inception was created to operate independently from the Republic while still following the Law's and Oaths taken upon by its Members. Having been formed in 4 Years Before the Treaty of Coruscant on the Remote world of Yavin-4, it was meant to serve as a listening outpost for the Republic during the  what appeared to be a war with no immediate end. Placed in charge of overseeing its early construction, Was Spenta Myrunji one of the few Jedi Master's at this time bestowed upon with the Rank of Senior Jedi General by the Joint efforts of both the High Council and the Defense Ministry. Before the Great Sacking of Coruscant  the 101st Saber Regiment was also placed under the care of the General to oversee the construction of the 'Hidden' Garrison, along with them Jedi General Rah'ayy Myrunji was sent to
help with the efforts while Spenta went away on Diplomatic Retreats.

At the Sacking of Coruscant, this Republic Outpost would become literally cut off from the Republic as the Sith carved out a large transverse of territory for themselves in the outer-rim closest to Korriban. Now literally behind enemy lines, the Republic Order was forced to cut off communications to the Republic
to hide their location from the Sith and would fight to survive. The members of this Garrison quickly learned new skills that they did not have to utilize prior, Skills that would help them survive independently. Needing to learn such skills the Garrison found themselves recruiting Smugglers to help them travel between planets, Smugglers who would teach them how to barter and Smugglers who would help them Fight.  The first Eight Years would be difficult for the Outpost, challenges would face the garrison but by sticking together they aspired above them.

Year 8, The Republic Order would be Attacked and everything would change. With only a few used Hammerheads and the support of a brand new Capital Ship the Republic Order found themselves in a fight for their lives. This was a rather difficult battle, many Soldiers and Jedi would lose their lives in this great conflict, and would leave a permanent scar upon those who were in attendance of this fierce battle. If it wasn't for an unlikely ally found on the Sith's side, the Republic Order may have very well lost even more life then they had and the Report of this conflict may have possibly reached the ears of the Dark Council Sooner.. thankfully news of this conflict would not reach the Sith's Political body for another four years when the war itself would begin again.

The last years leading up to 10 ATC we find the Republic Order moving about as a Flotilla comprised of four Hammerhead Class Cruisers, one large flag ship with a crew of twenty thousand and two small science vessels as the Republic Order would begin to prepare for the large scale mobilization that the Republic began to set in
motion. Soon the tension on both sides will erupt.. and the next chronicle ofthe Republic Order would begin.