Chapter One: The First Conflict

Renowned for its captivating beauty, Alderaan’s verdant forests and snow-capped mountain ranges have always been a vision of utopia. Matching the landscape’s serenity, Alderaan’s political process has historically been smooth, though the crown has often been handed back and forth between several entrenched noble houses. At the height of the Great War, though, everything changed—Alderaan’s timeless tranquility was shattered. Seeking to sap the Republic’s morale, the Sith Empire invaded the planet with all its might, quickly overwhelming local defense forces and taking the royal family hostage. The reaction was equally swift and savage—Republic and Jedi forces tapped into previously unknown reserves of valor and rushed to Alderaan’s rescue. The Republic’s heroes obliterated the invaders and handed the Sith Empire a humiliating defeat. [Sourced Holonet ]

With the Signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, Alderaan's Prince not having forgotten the recent invasion of the Imperial Armies stormed out of the Senate and Alderaan itself seceded from the Republic to become an Independent world. The Prince was Assassinated soon afterwards and a few days after the prince’s death the Queen passed away. This all led to the Civil War that the Planet itself now is currently erupted in. With the Noble Houses all fighting for the Primary Seat of Power, it is clear that two of the houses are being backed by the Two Super Powers. One is the Organa's who are being supported by Credits and Funded with arms by the Republic, the Other an Older House of Lords whom is being supported by the Empire. While war rages on, on the planet of Alderaan, the Organa's are feeding information to the small Garrison of the Republic. This small Garrison is known as The Republic Order. The Republic Order seen as a Joint Operation between the Jedi and the Republic's Army seems to have been effected little by the sudden fall of Coruscant. The Organa's now present the Republic Order with some Objectives to keep this Republic Affiliated Order informed and to hopefully regain the trust of Alderaan overtime.

The Missions of Chapter One
Discovery of the Truth, The Organa's [ ATC 1 Month 4 ]
The Pillar of Defense, Crevasse CityATC 1 Month 3 ]
The Imperial Cavern [ ATC 1 Month 3 ]
A Dark Tremor? Maybe? ATC 1 Month 4 ]
A Hermit in a Cave. [ ATC 1 Month 2 ]
Squalling the Rebellion [ ATC 1 Month 5 ]