The Battle of Ando Prime: The Republic Order's Perspective.
First Battle Against the Hands of Darkness.


The Republic Order had received a transmission from the planet of Ando Prime. At first the transmission was encrypted in a numerological pattern. The Jedi having to translate the message of the author’s could only get the following words from it: Help, Attack, and Please. The Jedi knew that the only authors to this article could be the Bendu Monk. This was evident due to the encryption sequence and the fact that the code was constructed with the usage of numbers.


Senior Jedi General Spenta Myrunji immediately called an emergency meeting with Captain Vas Crokal, General Rah’ayy Myrunji, and Jedi Knights Nipotei and Alstador. They quickly discussed what they knew (which was little) and the course of action the garrison would have to take. Most of the Garrison was out on duties assigned from the Republic’s government, and many of the Jedi were assigned to tasks given by the High Council on Tython. With limited resources and limited man power the Republic had to take Padawan Rexon and Private Markus along with them.

The Republic Order would also use in this operation a formally retired hammerhead-class cruiser named “The Light bringer”. Also to the garrison’s disposal were the entire crew and their few fighter pilots that had been seasoned aces during The Great War. This cruiser would be placed under the care of Captain (Sometimes referred as Commander) Vas Crokal. With the preparations done in a rushed manner the formed Task Force boarded the cruiser and immediately departed to the Ando System of the Lambda Sector.


While the enroute the crew of “The Light Bringer” prepared a makeshift medical bay incase they had to evacuate the Bendu Monks for some reason. After all the Crew along with the Task Force had no idea what condition the Monks would be in, or who in fact was attacking them.  Along with the preparations of a medical facility they also prepared four shuttles, which had extra cargo room, which would be poorly retrofitted for any that may be injured before making it to the shuttles. When Ando Prime came into view through the large windows of the Cruiser’s bridge, Vas Crokal gave the orders for the shuttles clearance. With permission the shuttles left the docking bay of the hammerhead-class cruiser and proceeded to the planet below.

Two shuttles would land on a small cliff with its landing gear digging into the few feet of snow that hadn’t frozen over. As the ramp of the shuttles lowered out came the Task Force of the Republic Order. The moment the Task Force had exited the shuttles, the two Jedi Masters (Rah’ayy and Spenta) would feel the dark tremors that had influenced the pull of the force around the Andobi Mountain Range. Not allowing them to be distracted by this sudden wave of darkness, the Task Force advanced forward into the cave before them. Leading the group was the Jedi Master Spenta Myrunji.

The cold air and the frigid temperature on the planet nipped at all in the group. The tight conditions of the cave as well amplified the intensity of these conditions. Breath hung before each member’s face and any nose that was exposed could feel the brisk tingles of the environments conditioning. The only one that did not feel the frozen grasp of this planet was Markus who was well protected by the Republic Supplied Armor that regulated his body’s heat to room temperature.

As the group continued forward in this long, narrow tunnel, they could hear the sound of a fierce battle enraging up ahead. At first the sound of combat was faint, but as they neared the source the sound of an angered beast and the clashing of light saber blades could be heard. Even explosions could be heard along with the sound of collapsing walls and screaming words that sounded like nothing more them murmurs. As they approached the end of this tunnel a hole into a larger room could be seen. Moving ahead Master Jedi Rah’ayy Myrunji checked out the scene first. Stopping before this exit she motioned for the task force to come to a slow halt and motioned for Spenta to move closer.

Spenta moved to where Rah’ayy was and looked around the corner into the larger room. There he beheld a Sith Task Force just bringing down a large “Dragon Slug”. The sound of its death wailed out loud, echoing into the tunnel with its sadden toned. The usage of Bogan also felt heavy upon each of the Jedi in the Task Force and the death of such a large creature could also be felt. Seeing the Sith regrouping Spenta quickly turned to the Task Force and explained each members particular assignments for when they reached the monastery.

Master Jedi Spenta Myrunji assigned Jedi Knight Alstador and his Padawan Rexon to evacuating the Bendu Monk and grabbing any of the artifacts they could back to the shuttles they came in on. Assigned to the frontlines had been Master Rah’ayy and Spenta, Jedi Knight Nipotei along with the support of Markus a Republic Trooper. With the task’s assigned the Task Force advanced forward and pushed across the long ledge that hung far over the sith party. They advanced forward toward the Monastery’s large doors and with a collective push of the force the doors swung open.

Having arrived before the Imperial Party, each of the republic order’s members took to their individual tasks. As the forward group advanced (Spenta, Rah’ayy, Nipotei and Markus) they yelled for the Bendu to fall back to the entrance and explained there were two Jedi waiting to escort them to their shuttles. The one thing the forward advance group did not expect was that many of the Bendu did not wish to flee, in fact many had already in hand old melee weapons in preparations to the sith just beyond the backdoor. With a wall of Bendu Monks and the small group from the Republic Order they waited for the Sith’s Entrance.

This wall of defenders would not have to wait very long. An explosion occurred and the large gates of the monastery were torn asunder. Debris of stone and wood ripped towards the defenders on the other side. To make matters worse one of the Sith Soldiers threw a grenade in the wake of this storm of debris, breaking it up into small and more lethal projectiles. With the wall of Bendu in front of the Jedi, Many would become severely injured though they took the blunt of the damage the Jedi remained practically unharmed.

A side note, Markus had fallen back at this time to assist with the evacuation of the Bendu.


Meanwhile Alstador and his Padawan Rexon were working hard on convincing the Bendu to come with them back to the shuttles. Thinking it would be wise to split up, the pair did exactly that. Alstador managed to round up a rather large group of the Bendu that immediately followed him, though a few of the Monks did give the Jedi Knight a difficult time. While Alstador continued to gather all he could, Rexon did the same. Rexon though had a unique experience with a much younger Bendu. This personal experience may perhaps be one that the young Rexon remembers for sometime. On top of gathering the Bendu, they also informed those that could to grab any relics they can along with them. The preservation of knowledge and gathered wisdom was one of the top priorities for the Jedi along with the safety of the Bendu themselves.


On the frontline’s with the cloud of dust clearing the sith appeared with ferocity. In the backlines of the enemies a sniper was taking out One Bendu at a time clearing the path for her allies. Also one of their controlled members began to bombard one of the fallen monks with a surge of electrical currents. Spenta would deflect the electricity of the blast from the Bendu by allowing the blade of his saber to absorb the hit. While spenta was squared off with the Adept, Rah’ayy followed one of the officers of the opposing faction that had separated herself from the primary group. The battle raged onward.


Sometime passed and Jedi Knight Alstador and Padawan Rexon found themselves heading back toward the Frontline, after the Bendu they escorted were safely on board the shuttles. They would be halted from regrouping with their allies as one of the Darth Ranked Sith stood their waiting. A battle erupted between the three and standing no chance the clevness of Alstador’s Padawan allowed the Jedi Knight and the student to retreat safely away. At this point the forward line was falling back, after Spenta had taken a few blows defending Nipotei from the direct damage from the force and Rah’ayy and rejoined them after saving Markus from certain death.

Meanwhile over the planet, Vas Crokal was taken by surprise as a decommissioned Capital Ship from the Republic exited from hyper-space. The Inexpugnable-class was clearly under the direct control of the sith as Two Squadrons of Aurek Tactical Fighters approached the Republic’s Hammerhead-Class Cruiser. Though the cruiser seemed outgunned out came a freighter called the “Reckless Venture”, a smuggler ship piloted by Jarric Harn. On board the “Reckless Venture” were also a republic trooper and Jedi Padawan Seto Kahn.


The 'Reckless Venture' Departed from Ando Prime back to Yavin 4 where the Task Force would meet up once again with their Bendu Monk Friends. Having Secured 1/4th of the artifacts and having saved atleast thirty or so Bendu the Republic Order considers this a Success. Though those on the front line that saw the Group known as the Hands of Darkness getting away with an artifact questioned the actual success. They only hoped they would not be able to descipher the artifact. 

Summarization from member perception.

Alstador Caifove
Jarric Harn
Rexon Farlight
Seto Khan
Nipotei Ankarres