The Battle of Ord Mantell! With the Republic struggling to maintain some sort of balance along the edge of their territory, the Sith continue to test their defenses and continue to threaten the Republic with the final phase of a war that has been postponed. With the planet of Ord Mantell under siege, The Republic Sent a fleet of Hammerhead Class Ships to support the planet that already had sith making landfall. In space Senior General Jedi Spenta Myrunji took charge of the fleet with support from Jedi Knight Kael Myec, Jedi Knight Kalen Avansi, Jedi Knight Val-Gith and his own Padawan Arkaven Cross the Republic was still out-gunned. With the extra support of some hired hands, Marko Fritz and Akina the Republic would turn the battle into their favor. After hours of conflict and heroic deeds the Republic would secure the space above the wounded world of Ord Mantell. Not one of the Republic defenders would have knowledge of what happened to Admiral Ardo Fess, as he managed to escape with a sever limb from the destruction of his capital ship.

Meanwhile on the Ground, Jedi General Rah’ayy Myrunji and Colonel Jenna Terrik struggle to keep the Sith Forces at bay. At one end you had Rah’ayy’s forces comprised of Jedi Knights Rexon Farlight, Iolair Ferryn, as well as two Padawans Mengshi and Terris Rolan. Smuggler Serenity had also been hired to provide the Republic Forces at the garrison some extra assistance. While armies of droids and sith soldiers marched in upon their fortifications, the Republic would manage to deflect the attack that was led by former Jedi Knight Ro’siris, and Sith Major Myrad. While the defense of the outpost was being determined, a forward line was being tested.

Colonel Jenna Terrik had take charge of the forward push only to be flanked by the enemy that had landed between the outpost and her ranks. Among her ranks she had Jedi Master Sage Torrin and Khoss Ankarress to provide her assistance, along with Sergeant Garth Hark and Corporal Tren Olo. Jedi Master Spenta Myrunji and his Padawan Arkaven Cross would also make an appearance after the battle in space had concluded to help take down the enemy transports that had caused havoc to the ground forces. Against them Sith Warrior Corsan had managed to push the republic into a corner, however with the retreat of their ground forces at the garrison and the defeat in space the Sith Commander was forced to retreat, leaving the Republic Forces with a victory. With the Battle of Ord Mantell now finished what awaits our intrepid hero’s in the future and will the sith commanders this day get revenge on the Republic Order? Time can only tell

Character Perspectives for the Skirmish of Ord Mantell:

Jedi Knight Kalen Avansi's Report on the Space Event Over Ord Mantell
Jedi Knight Kael Myec's Report on the Space Event Over Ord Mantell
Admiral Ardo's Report on the Space Event Over Ord Mantell (Enemy Perspective)
Rexon Farlights Report on the Defense at the Wall, On Ord Mantell
Jedi Knight Iolair Ferryn Report on the Defense at the Wall, On Ord Mantell
Jedi Padawan Mengshi's Report on the Defense at the Wall, On Ord Mantell
Jedi Master Rah'ayy Myrunji Report on the Defense at the Wall, On Ord Mantell
Jedi Padawan Terris Rolan Report on the Defense at the Wall,On Ord Mantell
Ex Officio Marko Fritz's Report on the Space Event over Ord Mantell