SECTION 1.0: In Game/Forum Rules and Regulations
The Following are the rules we , as in the Republic Order, expect our members to follow as they are in place to ensure that our Organization is represented well and that each member represents one and another well within the SW:TOR Universe. At anytime, we may add more rules or remove rules as needed and as issues for the first time come up that we may have overlooked.
  • No Discrimination
    Discrimination under any circumstance is not tolerated within the Republic Order. Regardless of someone's ethnic background, religious beliefs, sexual preference and other real world related issues should not be discriminated against. We strongly encourage our members, however, to keep personal information outside of the gaming world as this may be the best option to avoid people's commentary.
  • No Dual Accounting (Join only one please)
    We do not allow people to have dual accounts on our site unless it is clear the other individual(s) are unique people and not the same individual. We have ways of checking this now and will enforce if needed.
  • Mature Enviroment
    At the Republic Order, We wish to build an enviroment suitable for adult ages, therefore we  enforce an Age limit of 18+.  We
    want a safe enviroment, so we do not allow talk of Relgion, or Politics in voice or Guild chat.
  • Representing our Guild!
    Remember while your adventuring in the vast galaxy of Starwars: The Old Republic, while you bare the guild's tags you are representing a larger group of people. We wish to keep our hands as clean as we can when we interract with other people on our server so please apply the rules listed on this page to such interractions.
  • Chain of Command
    If in Doubt, Bring your issue up! We strongly endorse the use of the Chain of Command as this will limit the amount of paper work for Council Members and Military High Commanders. If you are in a Squadron bring your immediate issues to someone within your Squad or your Squadron's Leader, if you are a Padawan in the Order bring the issue to your Master or an Available Jedi Knight. Only in times when your Officer is not available within your Squad or a Jedi Knight is not available will you bring your issue to the next Rank within your Respected Trees. Please follow this as best as you can , 9 times out of 10 your problem will be solved before it reaches to High.
  • Absolutely NO SPAM
    Please do not spam the forums unless its a forum game or a designated area for SPAM. Spam is unnessicary information repeated a few to several times in repetition. Please lets keep our forums as clean as possible. Remember the Forums serve as a Communication Device and allows us to organize easier.
  • Represent yourself the way you want the Guild to Represent you!
    Do not represent yourself poorly within Public. We pride ourselfs on our Past when we worked with other Guilds and with our server as being a postive force in our own Server Community. We hope to continue this trend into SW:TOR and all we can say is Do what you expect others to do in Public, We will not tolerate "Smack Talkers" unless its done on Vent and not in game where others can see.

Section 1.1: Roleplaying Rules (In Game and Forum)
  • No God-Mode
    This is Important and Hopefully a Universal Knowledge that when Roleplaying one should roleplay themselfs within limits. Your Character should have Good Qualities but should also have a handful of Flaws as well. Perhaps your character is very skilled in Weapon Arts but Lacks the Knowledge in Diplomacy and/or History. Perhaps your Character is weak in Using Ranged Weapons (Military) but is great with Machines. Perhaps your Character is Highly Intelligent but severly lacks Physical Brawn. Sometimes your Flaws and your Strengths can balance one and the other out, perhaps your Moderately good at something and Moderately weak at another thing. Play with this and Make your character Unique.

  • Keep your actions your own and dont do other's actions for themselves.
    What we mean by this is, dont say you hit someone or dont say you kill someone. Let the person your fighting (Forums) determine their fate. Of course this can sometimes get out of Control so please keep in mind you cant advoid everything your bound to get hit. If your a Private in the Military please keep in mind your probably not as Skilled as a Colonel, If your a Padawan your probably not as skilled as a Knight so keep your actions limited based on your knowledge and wisdom (experience)

  • If you are a Trainee
    (Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Space Rat, Rookie, or Padawan) and you wish to partake in extra activities pretaining to roleplay you are to request permission from your trainer (Master Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, Privateer, Corsair, and Syndicate Boss). This is not to create a babysitting system but more or less let your trainer know whats going on and to also give respect not only to your trainer but to give your trainer the chance to get yours in return.