How does a Circle Hierarchy Work?

The difference between a Circular Hierarchy and that of a tree Hierarchy is the way they focus on the member. The traditional tree hierarchy works from the bottom up, typically with leaders at the top. This typically functions with a focus upon leaders rather than a focus upon members and usually becomes riddled with various problems. The Circular Hierarchy is built from the core out, with the central most circle pertaining to our members. We as a guild believe that we exist because of them, in which if they did not exist neither would we.  

As our members leave the inner circle they will find themselves with more responsibility, the second most inner circle being a trainer. Trainers encompass the responsibility of training new members while also being responsible for what a normal member is. What this does is it reinforces the idea that we believe if we are going to hold new members to something, our trainers themselves will be held to the same set of rules. They will be required to post daily (or every other day) while being responsible for two extra steps: Running Training Threads, Posting in the Recruitment thread three times a week.

The Third most inner circle is that of Sectional Leaders. Sectional leaders pertains to the following three groups: High Commanding Officers (HCO), Jedi Council, and Syndicate.

The Sectional Leaders are responsible for the same things that Trainers are and Regular Members but they are also a larger circle which means they have added responsibility. Their role pertains to keeping their sections organized, updated on current affairs, handling internal issues, assigning trainee’s to trainers, and most importantly keeping Guild Leaders and Officers aware of what is going on. Sectional Leaders are a pivotal part of helping the Guild Leadership in running the Guild by working together with them.

The outer most circle is the Guilds Leadership. Guild leadership is responsible for the same things as all the inner circles as well as even more as its circle is the largest. Among your Guild Leadership you have the Guild Leader (Senior Jedi General) of course, and A Co-Leader (Jedi General) as well as Guild Officers. Though they each have different entitlements they are a team and as a team they will do what is in the best interest of the guild by looking out for the entire whole rather than the few. Guild Leadership is responsible for the running of the site as far as administration, enforcement, training and updating.  Not only that but they are responsible for the maintenance of Ventrillo and the Administration of it as well.

Now that we’ve explained how a circle hierarchy works, the biggest and more important thing to understand about the hierarchy is the focus on our membership. The reason why the members are at the heart is the fact they are our most important focus. Guild and Sectional Leaders as well as Trainers are here for You, The member. If your trainer can’t help you, a Sectional Leader can. If they can’t seem to find an answer, Guild Leadership is here for you. This is what has made us successful and what will continue to make us successful into the future.

As Stated, Our Member Ranks are the Most Important because they are the heart and soul of the Republic Order.  All Member Ranks are required to attend a single training in game per week. At times you may be asked to also post up the log for your training and we ask that you respect the trainer's wishes on this as they'll be the primary one taking care of this detail.

Our Trooper Members: Our Sergeants, Staff Sergeants and Sergeant 1st Class form the base of a Squad. For the 101st the Squads are led by a Master Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant or 1st Lieutenant which will oversee their military training and take responsibility in making sure they are doing their base requirements.

 Our Smuggler Members:  Our Space Rats and Rookies are hired as a Crew Member per Contract. Each Smuggler Member is assigned to a specific Mentor which will be responsible for making sure they are doing their base requirement.  Smugglers train differently than any of the other professions as their mentorship has smaller missions

Our Jedi Members: Our Padawans are students of the force which typically means they are trained by one Master (Knight or Master). Their trainer is responsible in making sure they are during their base requirement.  They typically train on a one vs. one student to master learning regiment. Rarely may they form Clans when Trainers are limited.

Our Trainers are our new member ambassadors, They are the first face a new member will see upon joining the Republic Order! Trainers are required to run a session of RP for those they are responsible for as well as keeping up RP-Logs about the adventures they take with their trainees. Also they are required to post in the recruitment thread twice a week to help with growing the community and keeping it afloat.

Our Trooper Trainers: Our Master Sergeants, Second Lieutenants, 1st Lieutenants and Captains are required to train new members in a squad of no less than four members but may also be no more than Six.  These Squads are to simulate a military style growth, which encourages team oriented play while keeping the trooper roots very well grounded.

Our Smuggler Trainers: Our Privateers and Corsairs are required to train new members by undertaking new contracted missions weekly. By taking a mission they also take on a new crew. Besides working with different crew members weekly, they are also assigned to oversee one particular member, this would be called our Mentorship Program. With a hope this will create a more lasting impression among those undertaking the smuggler path, the feel that is meant to be created is to preserve the free spirit of that smuggler while giving them a place, responsibility, and home within The Republic Order.

Our Jedi Trainers: Our Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters are required to train new members who are called Padawans. Jedi Trainers work typically one on one with their student to help create a more realistic feel among those undertaking the Jedi Path. Rarely though a Trainer may be asked to lead a ‘Clan’ which is a group of padawans which will be trained in a pod like setting. We will work hard not to create Clans once the game is released.

Sectional Leaders are leaders of individual sections of the guild, They provide some assistance to Guild Leadership with daily operations. Since there is allot to manage, Sectional Leaders are members who have consistently done what they are required to do and have done a few things beyond the standard call of duty. They are responsible for assigning new members to experienced members, they are responsible for making sure trainers in their section are doing their tasks, and responsible for everything else their circle encompasses. In game this role transfers very well as they will still be responsible for the assigning of new members, keeping tabs on trainers and doing the other tasks they’ve done up to this point. The biggest responsibility of them all, is the need for them to consistently communicate with Guild Leadership.

Our High Command: The High Commanding Officers are comprised of a Major, a Lieutenant Colonel and a Colonel. Though role play wise their ranks are over one and each other, they will still work and operate as a team to achieve success. They will be responsible in making sure their section is doing well by doing anything they can to give the troopers the best experience they can. Such things can be running ceremonies for ranking, setting up missions for the week to be assigned to Squads, and possibly running events for the entire 101st saber regiment (as long as it does not coincide with guild wide events). Not only are they responsible for all this but they are in charge of running a Gathering of Troopers once a month. Essentially they are the Troopers to go to people.

Our Smuggler Syndicate: Those within the Syndicate that is aligned with the Republic Order are considered “Syndicate Boss”.  They are solely responsible for the assigning of new smugglers to the guild to another more experienced smuggler. This assignment is considered a Mentorship. They are also responsible for overseeing the smugglers within the entire Syndicate, making sure they are doing what they are suppose to while keeping things fun and engaging for all new members (Smugglers).  Other things they may do pertain to creating Shadow Meetings (once a Month), Promotion Celebrations,  and mini-events as long as they do not coincide with guild wide events. They are the go to people for all smuggler related issues.

Our Jedi Council: First we believe its important for us to mention this, our Jedi Council is not the “High Council” and we plan on sticking to canon as far as that is concerned.  Council members are responsible for assigning Padawans to Knights and Masters, they are also in charge of making sure things are moving along properly and keeping issue’s near non-existent.  They will also be in charge of organizing Knight Ceremonies, Mini-events (as long as they don’t coincide with the guild wide events) and creating the traditional Jedi Gatherings (Once a Month). They are the go to people for all Jedi within the Republic Order.

Guild Leadership are the caretakers of the Guild, They are responsible in ensuring the guild is operating smoothly and everything is kept enjoyable. They are primarily in charge of site maintenance and updates, running in game and out of game events (Roleplay, PvE, PvP), ensuring each section is being taken care of and most importantly keeping up with each task assigned to every other level of the guild. Our leadership roles are meant to work for the guild, not have the guild work for them. It's important for us to stress the importance of their focus. These things also include administration and enforcement of rules and policies. Our leaders are held to the same standards we expect our members to uphold. We cannot stress that enough.